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High testosterone and osteocalcin level was observed in the hyperthyroidism patients (T 36.35±10.72 nmol/l and OC 46.79±26.83 ng/ml). In simple Pearson correlation, testosterone was positively associated with OC (r=0.486, P<0.001), and this positive relation still existed after adjusted for age, BMI, smoking, drinking, duration of disease, FT3, FT4, LH, FSH, CTX in multi-linear regression analysis (See Model 1-4). testosterone.

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The treatment of metastatic prostate cancer since the 1940s is based on the consideration of oncogenic addiction to its androgen receptor (AR). The significant improvement in survival outcomes over the past decade depends not only on the development of effective cytotoxic chemotherapy but also new molecules targeting the AR or decreasing testosterone levels, even in case of castration-resistant cancer. In this review, we summarize the structure and function of the RA, the mechanisms of androgen suppression, the concept of resistance to castration, historical targeted treatment on the AR and those recently marketed as abiraterone acetate and enzalutamide. testosterone.

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We found no evidence of androgen deficiency, decreased peripheral androgen action, or persistent peripheral inhibition of SRD5A in men with persistent sexual symptoms after finasteride use. Symptomatic finasteride users revealed depressed mood and fMRI findings consistent with those observed in depression. testosterone.

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Heterozygosity in 21-hydroxylase deficiency (21OHD) has been associated with hyperandrogenemic symptoms in children and adults. Moreover, the carrier status is mandatory for genetic counseling. We aimed at defining a hormonal parameter for carrier detection by mass spectrometry. testosterone.

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Short-term treatment with flutamide applied to adult rats exerts its primary effect on the basal ES, coexisting junctional complexes and their constituent proteins Cx43 and ZO-1, without any apparent morphological alterations in the seminiferous epithelium. In the interstitial compartment, however, short-term exposure leads to both histological and functional changes of the Leydig cells. testosterone.

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